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What is eczema?

Eczema is the overarching name for a group of skin diseases in which the skin is itchy, red, and inflamed. Millions of people in the US have "eczema,” but not all kinds of eczema are the same. There are different types, all of which can look, feel, and behave differently. The most common type is called atopic dermatitis—but there are several others.
Understand different types of eczema
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Understanding eczema treatment options

There are many options for treating eczema, including topicals, orals, and injectables. Get information including the most recent insights on available treatments so you and your doctor can make the most informed decisions about your treatment.
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Eczema support and resources

Whether you are newly diagnosed or have been dealing with eczema for years, millions of others know what you’re going through. Here, you can discover how other people deal with eczema—their personal experiences and challenges. Plus, we can help you find a dermatologist who can help treat your eczema.
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